Review from Writer’s Digest – March 2013

Books were evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5. 

Structure and Organization: 5

Grammar: 5

Production Quality and Cover Design: 4 

What did you like best about this book?

“This was a great read. Inspiring. I liked your format: First to introduce and tell a bit about the entrepreneurs, then to pick the questions that will best show how that person thinks and what made/makes the business successful. I also like your pages of resources and reminders between the chapters. Section IV, listing so many resources gives this book authority. I was impressed by the variety of ideas for small businesses you presented. This was such an easy, fun, and interesting book to read. Some of the answers surprised me like how many people didn’t start with a business plan. I imagine that goes against everything taught in the best Business Schools. That should be encouraging to all those people with great ideas who didn’t go to Business School. This book should be in every unemployment office to be read by the applicants who are standing in the long lines. From your interviews I realize the importance of the social media sites. I like Tommy V citing the importance of finding his target market. That’s very important for book-writers too.”

How can the author improve this book?

“There is little I could suggest to improve this book. It is well-thought-out and well-written. The people and products you chose were so varied that I’m sure your readers will be able to use this as a stepping stone to their own ideas.”


Find your freedomMy goal for this book was to create a comprehensive, easy to understand and useful tool that will help guide anyone toward starting their own business by profiling how others took the leap.  I chose to mostly focus on people who had been employees in a wide variety of fields and who as successful entrepreneurs ventured into an equally wide array of businesses to show the limitless possibilities open to you.  I decided to write this book in an interview format so that you can hear directly from these successful everyday people the challenges and triumphs they encountered in their journeys with all the intimacy their own words convey.

You will discover:

  • How to find your passion
  • How to overcome fear
  • Tips for the startup phase
  • Resources to guide you
  • Inspirational and motivational quotes to inspire you

You will learn about:

  • innovative home based businesses
  • online businesses
  • small business ideas that now make millions

You will also learn from the business owners themselves:

  • How they made the transition
  • What they considered their biggest challenge
  • How and where they found support and inspiration
  • Their future goals
  • Tips to help others contemplating the leap

Read personal stories of people just like you who were stuck in boring or dead-end jobs in the corporate world or were laid off.  “Everyday folk” who utilized their own skills, talents, passions, experiences, and ingenuity and became entrepreneurs who built successful businesses from the ground up.

Some of the companies included are:

Bacon Salt · On Location Tours · Zelda Wisdom · The Pampered Parent · Coach Radio · Tommy V’s Salsa · RewardMe · I Wear Your Shirt · Bruce Newberg Casting · Hope is Mine (non-profit) ·
Hot in Cleveland
Executive Producer

I hope you will be inspired by their stories and find practical ideas to start your own business by reading of their shared expertise and experience.


“We all have a choice about the type of life we will lead. We can live with passion, courageously carving a unique trail through this world, or we can let life push us down a well-traveled, soul-stifling corporate path. If you’re ready to break away from the herd and travel in a new direction, read How to Ditch the Corporate World and Rock Your Own. In it, you’ll find inspiration and great resources that will aid you in your success journey.”

  —Erin K. Casey, Instigator at, Contributing Editor, SUCCESS magazine, and Author of Zany Zia’s Hats to Where: An All Knight Adventure


In 1989, Marsha Sinetar wrote Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow. The book went on to sell millions of copies and remains one of the leading motivational books of all time. The reason? People simply enjoy reading uplifting, inspiring stories about others who have overcome some difficulty in their lives and achieved a level of success that they themselves may only dream of.

How to Ditch the Corporate World and Rock Your Own: Stories of Those Who Did is an inspiring book that’s reminiscent of Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow, as well as the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Highlighting the stories of individuals who were at a critical crossroads in their lives, the book discusses how these individuals started their own businesses to attain financial freedom, enjoy more fulfilling relationships, and healthier lifestyles. The stories make you wonder why people don’t do what they really want to do. So many of us choose “the bird in the hand” over the “many in the bush.” Sometimes, it has little or nothing to do with money. Often, it’s due to our fear of failure, or the unknown or rejection. In short, we need to question ourselves as to why we do what we do. How to Ditch the Corporate World will inspire you to reassess your life and decide if you’re at the place you want to be in your career goals.

Providing helpful tips along the way, this book will inspire you to “ditch the corporate world” and pursue your own dreams. It will inspire you to do what you love.

  —Donna Peerce, Writer and Editor


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